We divert organic waste from landfills and beneficiate these waste streams into high-end, high-quality agricultural and landscaping products

More About Nutri Humus

Nutri Humus is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company operates world-class organic waste processing and composting facilities. Established in 2018, Nutri Humus is an innovative and rapidly growing composting company.

Nutri means to feed or to nourish, 

and Humus is the Latin word for “earth” or “ground”. 

Nutri Humus literally means to feed the soil, or to nourish the earth.

Our Core Values

Our core values are driven by our love for a clean, sustainable environment free of pollution, improving our processes through technological advances, diversity and inclusion and our attention to detail when it comes to our clients.


Humus is vital for improving soil health and they are a vital resource to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel-based fertilizers and plant pest controls, which have a detrimental impact on the environment.


Our wide range of products are 100% organic and they consist of rich and high quality organic ingredients, produced with strict quality control measures in place, to ensure each mix is the perfect blend for you.


We are developing and expanding our processing and manufacturing capacity, making use of modern technologies that improve the composting process and the qualities of the compost products.


We believe in diversity in all aspects of our business. We employ and partner with a broad range of experiences, including gender, race, religion, education, ethnicity and life experience.

Client Service

We value our customers and ensure the products and services we offer to them are top notch. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy.

Our Products

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100% Organic

Our products are sustainably sourced and are 100% organically produced and are environmentally friendly

We care about the planet

When organic waste is sent to landfill, it can generate greenhouse gases and produce a liquid ooze called leachate. Leachate can contaminate water resources and greenhouse gasses contribute toward climate change. Processing organic waste by means of aerobic composting helps avoid these negative impacts. It even has a beneficial impact on the environment.

What People Say

Rich and well nourished compost. Owner really knows how to develop a premium grade nutrient rich compost.
Nadeem Shabudin
Awesome service, the product is just as described
Nadeema Petersen
Ashton Bodrick

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